Challenge: Do you want to be a label detective?


We all are not satisfied in rising food prices, are not we? So the daily food basket has begun to cost us more and more in the last years. Some of us have also noticed the increasingly poor quality of food. In the rush we are all living our lives, at work, home and other stuff, do we always look at the product labels?

We’re going in automatic pilot mode when we get our food from the shelf, I’m sure. We know what the packaging looks like, we no longer check the warranty period anymore.

And with smaller and smaller labels, who is still beating his head, when the waiting line on the checker is stretched out by the sight?

Those more scrupulous of you have noticed that it’s hard to find a sugar-free product (all of them, including smoked bread and salmon), and those who still eat sausage (many, in fact) found it hard to find something unpainted and with a high meat content without many preservatives. In the end, the man sighs and does not put the product back on the shelf, but in the stroller, resigned somewhat and it should not be like that.

Do you accept a challenge? Do you want to be a label detective?

It’s simple, it’s going to be a piece of cake. Start today, from your first shopping! Start collecting food labels. From any category: meat & sausages, milk, cheeses, eggs, etc. Make a folder or put them in a casserole in the kitchen, so you something to study in the summer evenings when you wait for the oven to be baked or when you’re enjoying a glass of wine. Drop your phone and Facebook, I’m sure the life of a Label Detective will help you more.

Start with the charcuterie. Anything in this category: salami, ham, sausage and so on.

What to look for:

  • fat content
  • calories per 100 gr. Attention, a package may have more than 100 gr. Calculate the total!

Then, look to see what the meat content is – what percentage is the meat? 40%, 30%? Has anyone found a 90-95% meat product? Does it exist?

Read the full list of ingredients! What does it contain besides meat? Do you know the terms? Do you need to search on Google after them? Don’t you find it creepy to eat something that you don’t know what it means?

Do you know how to read the nutrient table?

Do this for at least 1 month. It’s an exciting exercise. That’s how you find exactly what you are eating and how much salt and sugar some edible contain.

We will soon rejoice with new challenges! Until then, I am very curious to know your opinion and to find out what are your techniques on picking up healthy food and other related stuff.

Challenge: Do you want to be a label detective?