On a quest to buy quality coffee? What you should look for

quality coffee

There are many things you need to consider when you want to buy high-quality coffee

Coffee originating in Rwanda with chocolate and mandarin flavors or Brazilian organic coffee? Do I need to know at what altitude the beans grow? Is a slightly acidic coffee strong enough to keep me energetic all day long?

Not every label is a quality certification, but the more a coffee maker can tell you about the coffee you are going to buy, the better.

The absence of information is probably more serious than it’s abundance, so, how can we buy quality coffee ?

Buy coffee beans

Grinding the coffee right before you infuse it is the secret of a great cup. It’s all about freshness.

Okay, I’ll buy coffee beans…but…where from?

There is no shortage of coffee at the supermarket so it’s up to you to discover the one that makes you smile in the morning.

When you buy directly from the roaster you can find out a lot of precious information from the employees and even more, you can taste it too. And the coffee surely is fresher, guaranteed!

Drawers? That’s a NO-NO

Air, light, heat, and humidity – all harm when it comes to coffee. So don’t buy coffee from containers or drawers. Look for coffee in tight packs. Many of these have special valves that release the coffee’s natural gas, not letting the air penetrate into the bag.

Roasting level

It’s about how much and at what temperature the beans are roasted.

When you roast the coffee, you eliminate the moisture and the caramelization process takes place.

Keep in mind the altitude

You can see the altitude of the coffee tree listed on the label. Coffee tends to grow better at certain heights. The higher the altitude, more frequently the temperature changes from day to night are and the more it takes the coffee tree to grow and attract nutrients from the soil and develop a special flavor.

This doesn’t mean that all the mid-altitude coffee brews are superior or that you will enjoy the taste, but this is another positive detail about the coffee maker that you should remember.


Keep the coffee in a sealed, opaque container. If you use a special coffee box, make sure you dry it before refilling it. It’s not necessary to store the coffee in the refrigerator, the humidity will eventually penetrate and destroy its flavor.

Enjoy your coffee folks and don’t forget, coffee is far more than a beverage, it is an invitation to live!

On a quest to buy quality coffee? What you should look for