Shanik Acacia Set of 3 Wood Cheese Board Set with Puzzle Handles



Shanik Acacia Wood Cheese Board Set with Puzzle Handles, Set of 3, Natural Wood Party Serving Platter for Charcuterie Meat, Cheeses, and Wine Appetizers, Gift Bundle


  • Decorative Puzzle Cheese Boards – A beautiful design that’s super versatile this 3-pc. set includes Acacia wooden cheese boards that fit together like a long puzzle to create multiple sections for serving fresh snacks, cheese, hors dourves, and appetizers.
  • Writable Chalkboard Edges – Along with being giant puzzle pieces our charcuterie boards also feature chalkboard edging that lets you label them in tons of ways such as names of cheese, the guest using the board for snacks, or snack theme ideas.
  • Real All-Natural Acacia Wood – Our premium long cheese board set is all made with high-quality Acacia wood that features its own unique woodgrain coloration which enhances the look and feels of your dining room, kitchen space, or buffet table.
  • Wide, Easy-Grip Puzzle Handles – Each cheese board can be used individually, connected to another board, or carried around between areas thanks to a strong, well-balanced handle that gives you more control over the entire platter.
  • Premium Holiday or Event Gift Idea – These cheese charcuterie board sets make exciting gift bundles for anyone who loves hosting holiday events, parties, or get-togethers with friends and family. Give them for Christmas, birthdays, and more.

Take an Event or Party to the Next Level with a 3-Pc. Acacia Wood Puzzle Cheese Board Set

When it comes to setting the tone of a party it all starts with the very first course. No, we’re not talking about soup and salad. We’re talking about the meats, cheeses, and appetizers you’re serving long before the main course makes its way to the table. That’s why you want more than a traditional serving platter or cutting board for serving up fresh, delicious cheeses and hors dourves. We created these stunningly fun and original puzzle cheese board sets as a way to serve single or multiple guests, create a mouthwatering buffet or set the tone for your personal or professional gathering. And all with style and versatility perfect for every event.

Product Details:

  • Puzzle Cheese Boards (3 Pc. Set)
  • Natural Acacia Wood Craftsmanship
  • Convenient Carry Handles (Puzzle Pieces)
  • Use Individually or Connect Together
  • Writable Chalkboard Edging

Single or Connected

What’s really fun about these decorative cheese boards is not only their original design but how quickly and easily they can be used individually or connected together.

Built-In Wine Holder

When used individually the backside opening of the puzzle cheese board makes it easy to slide a wine glass right in and carry it conveniently to your next destination.

Customize Your Party Experience

The amazing thing about the chalkboard surface on the edge of each cheese board means you can add tons of different information to the side. You can talk about different foods, add fun facts, label them with names, or even create hilarious icebreaker conversation starters.

These puzzle cheese boards can also be purchased in multiple set sizes and be put together to support a wide range of different event sizes making them great for small, intimate events or large gatherings.

Dont Limit Yourself to Cheese

While these are exceptional cheese boards they can be used with all the fun snacks, appetizers, and treats you love so much. Add crackers, bread, fruits, grapes, cookies, meats, and just about anything else that helps bring people to the table.

Easy-to-Clean Surface

Acacia wood is not only durable and long-lasting it can be wiped down with a soft rag and oiled up as needed to keep it looking clean, fresh, and party-ready.

Year-Round Versatility

You don’t need a special occasion, party, or holiday to use these beautifully rustic cheese boards. They support every season, gathering, and weekend movie marathon.