Customized Tequila Shot Glass Set with Engraved Acacia Storage Box



Customized Tequila Shot Glass Set with Engraved Acacia Storage Box, Wooden Coasters, and Serving Tray, Personalized 10th Anniversary Gift

Get the Party Started with Shots of Tequila, Whiskey, Rum, or Bourbon with a Premium Shot Glass Set from Shanik.

There's nothing like enjoying a shot of your favorite liquor after a long, hard day at work or celebrating with friends on the weekend. We want to make both of those experiences feel more exciting and sophisticated with our one-of-a-kind Shanik Tequila Shot Glass Set that comes with everything you'll need to serve up shots with style. Complete with four shot glasses, a velvet-lined storage box, and a classic wood serving tray.

Key Product Features:

🔹Premier Shot Glasses Set — Handsome and charming, our shot glasses bundle comes with everything you'll need to serve tequila, bourbon, whiskey, scotch, or other shots with style including 4 shot glasses, 4 coasters, a serving tray, and a storage box.

🔹Vintage Acacia Wood Serving Tray — We paired our shot glass bundle with a versatile wooden serving tray that features sections for holding the shot glasses as well as sections for holding salt, lemons, and a selection of snacks or bar nuts.

🔹Serve Up Classic Shots with Style — These ergonomic shot glasses for men and women also come with four matching acacia wood coasters that protect surfaces and tables, also add a more rustic feel to the entire drink experience.

🔹Custom-Engraved Personalization — All Shanik shot glass display cases and glassware can be customized with specific words or images with a precision laser engraving that really makes each piece feel more beautiful and unique.

🔹Velvet-Lined Custom Storage Box — Crafted with genuine, high-quality acacia wood our lockable storage box with handle makes this shot glass set feel more complete. You'll love using it both as a display case and for protecting glasses in between uses.